Who are we?

For many, sailing as a sport in Belgrade is not very familiar.

As long-time experienced competitors, we decided to bring this sport closer to you and open the doors to this wonderful sport that provides contact with nature, the river, and the wind. To introduce you to the charms of sailing and to sail throughout the entire year.

We are two sailors who grew up in sailing. Dimitrije Pešić and Vladimir Švab, former and current competitors, passionate sailors of the Academic Sailing Club, better known as AJK, with instructor IYT licenses. Vladimir Švab, an experienced competitor and skipper, has experience with large sailboats. He crossed the Atlantic Ocean several times. A member of the Serbian representation in the World Golden Cup.

We wish to convey knowledge, love, and passion for sailing.

Why sailing in particular?

Many are not aware that sailing is a sport you can engage in throughout the entire year in Belgrade because the fact that Belgrade lies on two rivers allows you to sail year-round. Sailing will help you relieve stress. Sharpen your mind. It improves motor skills and readiness to make decisions and react quickly in a given moment. You can sail after work, during the weekends, or whenever you need to relieve stress after a job, because as they say, water takes away the bad and brings in the good energy.

Do you need experience?

No, prior experience is not required. All you need is a good will and readiness for new adventures.


How much does it cost and how long is a lesson?

The IYT INTRODUCTION TO SAILING SKILLS course lasts 5 days, 2 hours each day. It doesn’t have to be 5 consecutive days. Lessons are held on the Sava river. Each lesson lasts about 2 hours. In agreement with you, we coordinate your and our available schedules.

Individual lessons for 1 person:

There is an option for individual lessons for 1 person, which we recommend because it is generally better to work one-on-one. The concentration of the participant is significantly better than in a group.

The cost is €225 + an administrative fee for the issuance of the certificate at the end of the course in the amount of €25.

Individual lessons for 2 people:

If you prefer to socialize with someone, lessons for two, besides the financial factor, are certainly more interesting if you like to compete or need someone for encouragement or to “watch your back” 😀

The price is €315 + an administrative fee for the issuance of the certificate at the end of the course in the amount of €40.

What do I get after the course?

After completing the course, you receive an IYT certificate that allows you further advancement within the IYT training system anywhere in the world.”

Where is the training held?

The training is conducted on the Sava and Danube rivers. Our base is Bežanijski zimovnik 34, New Belgrade, Marina of the Academic Sailing Club Belgrade. This is where we embark and set sail. In the river branch, we take the first steps, and as you gain knowledge, we venture out onto the Sava and Danube rivers.

On which boats is the training conducted?

We conduct the lessons on boats of the Micro class, more commonly known as Mikrotoner/Mikrać. This is a sailboat that is 5.5m long and weighs 500kg. It has a small cabin that can accommodate four people. In our school, we have 5 such sailboats/Mikotoners available, so there’s the possibility of organizing group lessons with 5 sailboats. According to the school’s regulations, on a sailboat, during training, two students plus an instructor are allowed..


This course of five days of two hours, aims to provide candidates with the introductory knowledge required for the crew of a sailboat (mono hull or catamaran) up to 15 meters, in inland or coastal waters,< 5 miles from the coast during daylight hours, in moderate winds and moderate sea conditions.

The course is great for groups of friends or like-minded individuals, to gather over a few days of fun sailing while learning skills to better assist as crew on a boat. We hope that candidates will enjoy the experience and advancement at higher levels of sailing courses.

This course deals with training for the full range of VHF Radio and SRC communications for both recreational and professional boaters. Attendees will learn how static radios, handheld (mobile) radios, EPIRBs, SART devices, AIS and DSC-enabled radios are used effectively in nautical communication.