About us

Dimitrije Pešić

My name is Dimitrije Pešić. IYT certified sailing instructor.

🚩One of the founders of @serbiansailingschool

A big sailing enthusiast. ⛵I have been sailing since 1988.

My encounter with sailing happened quite by accident when I skipped class with my friends Mića and Rade, who were already experienced sailors at the time. There, I fell in love with the river, the wind, and the freedom that sailing offers. Since then, my heart and soul have been in sailing. With hard work and dedication, results came quickly. Sailing taught me that you have to be persistent, never give up, because the race isn’t over until you cross the finish line!

🚩Life’s sails took me to South Africa, where I got acquainted with a new culture and the business world.” Having gone through many life situations, corporations, and business partners, I realized that, after all, #sailing is what fulfills me and gives me wings.

Vladimir Švab

My name is Vladimir Švab, and I am 33 years old. I have been sailing since the age of seven at the oldest sailing club in Serbia – AJK Belgrade. I participated in my first race at the age of eight in the “Optimist” class, in which I later won numerous medals. Even as a child, I loved the water, wind, waves, sun, and nature… and acquired skills that would mark my entire life.

After “Optimist” and the “Laser” class, I moved on to larger racing boats, such as VOLVO 70 and RC 44, among many others, where I met outstanding European and world sailors with whom I won numerous regattas in the Adriatic, the Mediterranean, and the Caribbean islands. The ROLEX CUP or the HEINEKEN REGATTA were new fascinating discoveries for me, and that’s when I knew that the love for the sport I am engaged in and my hobby would turn into my profession.

Since the age of twenty, I have been a professionally trained skipper and am well-acquainted with all the Croatian, Montenegrin, Adriatic, Mediterranean, and Caribbean islands, as well as their beautiful cities, taverns, and hidden beaches and bays. I have crossed the Atlantic several times, and my children have been on a sailboat since birth. Now, I am teaching them to sail, and I enjoyed passing on my knowledge to others That’s why I became a certified IYT SAILING INSTRUCTOR. I am one of the initiators and founders of the ‘Serbian Sailing School.’

Currently, I am a part of the first Serbian team that will participate in the Sailing World Championship in 2022, held in Switzerland. My motto, which continuously leads me to new professional and life victories is, “Catch the wind – make the impossible possible.”



This course of five days of two hours, aims to provide candidates with the introductory knowledge required for the crew of a sailboat (mono hull or catamaran) up to 15 meters, in inland or coastal waters,< 5 miles from the coast during daylight hours, in moderate winds and moderate sea conditions.

The course is great for groups of friends or like-minded individuals, to gather over a few days of fun sailing while learning skills to better assist as crew on a boat. We hope that candidates will enjoy the experience and advancement at higher levels of sailing courses.

This course deals with training for the full range of VHF Radio and SRC communications for both recreational and professional boaters. Attendees will learn how static radios, handheld (mobile) radios, EPIRBs, SART devices, AIS and DSC-enabled radios are used effectively in nautical communication.